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Open lesson on theme:WORK OVER the INSTRUCTIVE MATERIAL has spent and has developed teacher Vetushko S.A.

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Open lesson on theme:WORK OVER the INSTRUCTIVE MATERIAL has spent and has developed teacher Vetushko S.A.

Open lesson on theme:WORK OVER the INSTRUCTIVE MATERIAL has spent and has developed teacher Vetushko S.A.

Education Official Body «the Grammar school № 12»
Minsk, 2009
    OPEN LESSON of teacher Vetushko Svetlana Anatolevny with studying 5-В class Medvedevoj Evgeniej (2nd year of training) (on basis health of saving up technology) employment theme: «Job over instructive material».
   The lesson purpose: technics development at freedom of the oporno-impellent device for creation of complete musical image.
– Development of small technics of the left hand, mastering by various kinds arpedgio, legato and staccato;
– Development of emotional reflexion and analytical abilities in the course of comprehension of musical image;
– Development of creative abilities of the pupil.

Lesson course.
1. Preparation of the game device:
1) gymnastics for hands;
2) job over c major scale (2 octaves)
– Game various durations: quarter, the eighth (fingering of the right hand «i m»), the sixteenth, rehearsals monotonously (fingering «a m i»),
– Execution arpedgio;
3) job over exercises
– Exercise "Snake",
– Exercises on ascending and descending legato,
– Exercise on Small barre,
– Exercises for the right hand on open strings (p i m i an i m i; p i m i m i; p i an i an i).

2. Heine "Etude".
The schoolgirl makes definition of word "etude".
– This etude is intended for job over what kind of technics? (arpedgio).
1) Execution of etude by the teacher, the analysis of musical image (lyrical product, etude-mood, expresses experiences of the person, its dream).
– The given music associates with what time of year (autumn, the October leaves, suddenly flown breeze).
– The schoolgirl chooses from the adjectives offered by the teacher on card what correspond to character of etude, and underlines them,
– Choose from two poems what reflects mood of etude;

2) Execution of etude by the schoolgirl.
– To conduct melody legato against continuous pulsation arpedgio. To observe the specified fingering of the right hand. For this purpose the top melodic line and bass line are lost separately;
– To analyse development of musical image, to reveal the culmination, to define the form (3-private). The analysis of the invoice of etude: what musical means the composer passes the mood? On the one hand, the smooth melody (lyrical narration, plaintive sighs), on the other hand – excitement passes pulsation arpedgio.
3) job over intonirovanie, dynamics, play phrasing.
     Sports minute (present that you Buratino. Draw nose the imagined note, fermate, f, p, <>.) – exercises for cervical department of backbone.
    The teacher pays attention of the schoolgirl to inscription on board «the lesson Motto: are capable to create miracle exercise and … … ….»
– What word is passed, how you understand this statement?
– What "magic" word very important for any musician is ciphered in rebus?
THAT + «… … … … ….» - the winged goddess of victory in the Greek mythology (Nickname) = technics. (Motivation).
3. S.Vetushko "Woman Jaga" (ensemble).
– To fulfil game receptions apojando, glissando, grace note execution – ascending legato,
– To develop skills of small guitar technics of the right hand, to fulfil strokes legato and staccato,
– Development of skills ensemble games.
This ensemble is devoted the known character of Russian fairy tales:
There was izba grandmother-old woman,
Mortar calls up, to fairy tale departs.
1) the Teacher together with the schoolgirl defines, where in ensemble melody, and where accompaniment (there is also muster of voices);
2) the schoolgirl plays the party the designated strokes;
3) the teacher shows illustration to product, together with the schoolgirl is defined character of the play (Representing sound, comic, grotesque).
The etude and the play is compared.
– If you were the artist in what colour scale would pass the mood cast by etude?
The joint analysis of "Woman Jaga" with the schoolgirl. The play 1-private, melody consists of small musical phrases, dynamics choice (ƒ–р at each repetition of phrases).
– What can represent reception glissando in product? (Flight of Woman Jaga).
4) Game by ensemble with the teacher ("ensemble" – from фр. "Together").

4. Lesson result. Reflexion
– As you felt during lesson, whether to you were comfortable, with what mood you worked, whether you are happy with yourself. What at you it has not turned out?
The teacher suggests to finish the drawing-test, allowing to analyse impressions of the schoolgirl of lesson: pleasure, pleasure, indifference or grief.
5. Estimation exhibiting. Impressions of lesson.

6. Homework.
To underline proper words:
Dancing, sad, solemn, lyrical, naughty, thoughtful, philosophical, cheerful, sad, vigorous, slow.


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